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free vacations at the same guy's lake house. virginia republicans keeping it classy and fast. watch this space. good thursday morning. right now on "first looking" the plot thickens as the investigation grows and additional arrests are made in the boston marathon bombing case. it's this most sensational murder trial in america today. it's time for closing arguments. the santa ana winds are causing havoc for over 400 firefighters in california. plus, chris kelly is found dead. four feet of mud in his home. and the ad being called the most racist commercial in history. good morning. the investigation into the boston marathon bombings is far from over.
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and now, three friends of jailed suspect dzhokhar tsaranev have been arrested and charged. lawyers for all three students deny any involvement. tracie potts is live in washington with the details. >> reporter: it is important to note that authorities don't think these three were involved with planning or executing the bombing. but they do think that the three friends of tsaranev may have helped get rid of evidence afterward. authorities have had their eyes on the three suspects for more than a week. two have been jailed. now, one is charged with making false statements. the other two are charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. >> he is just as shocked and horrified by the violence in boston that took place as the rest of the community is. >> reporter: investigators say the suspects took a backpack of empty fireworks and an empty laptop out of dzhokhar
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tsaranev's dormroom. one of the suspects set off fireworks with tsaranev a month ago. >> two foreign students said a month before the bombing, tsaranev told them that he knew how to make a bomb. >> reporter: authorities don't think these three helped plan the bombing. and reassured nervous bostonians. >> this should not raise concerns in anyone's mind about a continuing threat to the public. >> reporter: in washington, congress plans a hearing next week on the investigation. set to testify, boston's police commissioner, about whether or not the fbi told his agency what it knew about the tsaranev brothers before the bombing. back to the suspects for a moment. they're facing between five and eight years behind bars. a $250,000 fine. and two of them are already agreed to voluntary detention. >> tracie potts, live in washington. thanks so much. this morning, airport officials are investigating a runway mishap at one of the nation's busiest airports. the wing of a scandinavian airlines plane clipped the tail
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of a united jet while they were taxiing for takeoff at new jersey's newark liberty airport. no injuries were reported. and passengers were booked on other flights. the sensational murder trial of jodi arias could soon be in the hands of a jury. nearly four months of testimony from 36 witnesses concluded late wednesday, with attorneys prepping for closing arguments. the 32-year-old has admitted to shooting and stabbing her then-boyfriend, travis alexander, in 2008. she argues it was in self-defense. arias' lawyers says she was abused leading up to the murder. and called expert witnesses to convince jurors she suffered from posttraumatic stress. but prosecutors contend that arias is a calculating and cold-blooded killer who can't keep her story straight. more than 400 firefighters in southern california are battling a fast-moving wildfire, jeweled by santa ana winds. so far, the blaze has burned
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nearly 3,000 acres, destroyed 1 home and displaced thousands of residents. >> reporter: the fire broke out in the san bernadino mountains. it sent a cloud of thick smoke billowing into the sky, blanketing the nearby valley. the flames consumed at least one home. and forced officials to evacuate a neighborhood. >> she's 83 years old. has all her belongings. she's upset. >> reporter: other residents have lost their belongings. >> that was my bedroom that i would be at. and the closet is behind there. i don't think i have anything other than what's on my back. >> reporter: more than 400 firefighters and 6 air tankers battled the blaze. crews say as long as the winds stay low, they should be able to control the fire. but with the red flag warning in place, many in the area aren't taking any chances.
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some sad news to report this morning. chris kelly, half of the '90s duo, crisscross, has died. authorities say 34-year-old kelly was unresponsible wunresp. an autopsy is planned for today. kelly, were discovered at an atlanta mall at 13 years old, before shooting to fame in 1992, with their hit, "jump," which spent eight weeks at number one. here's your first look at this morning's scrambled politics. new polling reveals interesting insight into americans' thinking on the second amendment. 29% of americans, that's one-third, think of an armed revolution might be necessary in the next few years to protect civil liberties. only 38% of those surveyed
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support additional gun control legislation. alabama is joining half a dozen other states in advancing legislation it says will protect the right to keep and bear arms. a bill that cleared the state senate, would nullify all federal gun laws in that state. jerry brown has signed a bill speeding up the seizure of illegal guns. the state estimates 40,000 handguns and assault weapons are in the hands of californians barred from processing firearms. this as a new poll shows 52% of americans disapprove of the way president obama is handling gun policy. while just 41% approve. getting face time with the president is difficult. if you want to get your message across, you might want to consider advertising on one of his favorite tv channels, espn. a report in politico says trade organizations are buying up air time in an effort to appeal directly to the president. a tennessee county commissioner is not apologizing
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for a photo suggesting that muslims are best greeted from behind a gun barrel. barry west and quickly deleted this from his facebook page. here's something you don't hear every day. someone loving the sequester. missouri congressman billy long says his constituents can't get enough of the cuts. they want more, not less. and former nevada candidate and tea party favorite, sharron angle has paid $25,000 to the fcc. her campaign did not file disclosures for $243,000 in donations. that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. well, more snow is in store for parts of the midwest. a may day storm dumped more than ten inches of snow north of denver, making for treacherous road travel and causing dozens of flight cancellations at denver international. bill karins is here.
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what's happening with the storm? >> it's only small. actually missed minneapolis for the most part. it's just to the east side of town. some good news out of the unbelievable cold in the midwest. but as you go throughout your day today, just this map is kind of -- you wonder what month we're in. the windchill's 15 in denver. there's windchills down into the 20s, all the way into north texas. in the beginning of may. it's not just icing. it's raining and chilly in kansas city. the midwest has all the issues out there. the white on this map is snow. there's snow falling from oklahoma, colorado, kansas, portions of nebraska, iowa, minneapolis and wisconsin. seven different states that right now, you could find snowflakes in. as far as the worst of it, just to the east side of omaha, that blue shading is heavy, wet snow. from des moines northward. it's snowing good in ames, iowa. and to the north, a snowy morning for you.
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anywhere east of minneapolis. so, again, the city of minneapolis avoided the heaviest of it. they're not complaining, i'm sure. at 36, they're doing okay. again, there's going to be a little more snow out there. the bigger issue is cold for this time of year. and a lot of areas are l get cold rain. st. louis into the weekend. >> this is going to make me feel guilty about enjoying the perfect spring. >> the east coast is nearly perfect. i didn't say it. you brought it up. i didn't want to rub it in. >> you're thinking of those people. >> i'll be thinking as i put the sun tan lotion on. where have the beer drinkers gone? >> in our control room? >> probably. we'll show you what's being called the most racist commercial in history. and a foreign country is beefing up their air power with a purchase of 100 f-35s.
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some stories making news this morning. possible new leads on the september 11th attack on the
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u.s. consulate in benghazi. the fbi is looking for these three men in connection with the incident. investigators say they were on the ground the day of the attacks. but are not currently considered suspects. the first american settlers turned to cannibalism. the skull of a 14-year-old girl found in virginia near the site of the james town settlement, has cuts consistent with butchering for meat. mud in this home, piling up as high as four feet. luckily no one was home at the time. and may day protests in seattle turned violent overnight, with police using pepper spray and flash bombs to disperse the crowd. demonstrators through rocks, and metal pipes. it was one of the protests around the country. six in ten babies born in 2011 to mothers in early 20s, were born out of wedlock.
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that's compared to 14% for moms in their late 30s. turning, now, to business, where cnbc has your thursday morning headlines. good morning. >> shares of facebook today. the social networking giant says mobile ads help propel a big jump in first-quarter revenue. facebook has more than 1.1 billion monthly active users. the number of people who logon solely with a mobile device has doubled. ford is hiring 2,000 people at its plant in kansas city. they are adding a third shift to meet surging demand for pickup trucks. now, you can watch your pizza being made from anywhere. dominos is launching a live web cam. it's part of domino's effort to be more transparent of quality. >> make sure they get everything right. thanks so much.
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now, to business, where we'll see if weekly jobs data and retail sales can turn around a rough start to may. on wednesday, the fed revealed it will keep interest rates at record lows to boost a weak economy. but that didn't keep stocks from tumbling at the end of the day. australia is about to place an order for lockheed martin stealth fighter jets. and a dozen boeing attack planes. new data from pal gallup finds about 30% of u.s. workers are fully engaged in their jobs. 18% call themselves actively engaged. and what happening 52% say they're not engaged. it's been a rough year for suds. this weekend, anheuser-busch joined others to report that first quarter sales have slumped. frontier will charge up to 100 bucks for a carry-on bag for tickets purchased on discount, third-party websites.
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in-flight coffee and soda will cost $2. how much does it cost to feed a family of four? anywhere from $146 to $289 a week, depending on how thrifty you are. and finally, a mea culpa from jcpenney, for changes made out of its now ousted ceo that drove customers away. there's complaints on facebook that the ad is only aimed at young, thin, model types. it's being called the most racist commercial in history. that's coming up next. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it.
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ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit the white house challenges a judge's plan b ruling. and the president asks liberals to tone down expectations on immigration. joining me from our washington bureau to break it all down, bob franken. bob, good morning. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> it's good to see you. normally, you're on the phone. it's nice to have you with us in video. >> i'm good to be told it's good to see you. >> let's start with the fight over plan b. the white house is appealing a judge's ruling that plan b should be available to girls of all ages? why are they taking on this fight? >> it sounds like a legal turf battle. and the argument from the judge was, that setting up limitations
2:20 am
was about politics. and i think that that is probably true. that this seems to be more about politics than the science. but the administration is saying, the white house is saying, it's their prerogative to come up with the rules on this kind of thing. and the judge, pardon the legal term, should butt out. >> the president is reportedly asking some liberal lawmakers not to push too hard in a propose immigration bill. what's the calculation there? >> what's going on here is president obama is looking for some legacy material. and he's hanging his hat, now, on immigration because obviously gun control didn't go his way. so, the president is saying, okay, cool your jets a little bit because we need republicans on this. and if you include things like some acquiesce to gay rights groups, the bill is going to go down. and the president will not have, what is the term? juice on. >> this espn story i find interesting. that some groups are reportedly
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advertising on the sports channel solely to appeal to the president. is that usual in politics to target an audience of one like that? >> it depends on who the one is. he's been called the one on many occasions. let's see how in cliches to come up with. politics is a contact sport. chris matthews talks about hardball. it's appropriate all this advertising is done on espn. >> you just mentioned, you made reference to a question that was asked in his press briefing, does he have enough juice left to get things done. new poll numbers come out that more people disapprove on the job he is doing, when it comes to immigration and guns. does he have enough juice left, 100 days into his second terms to get key parts of his agenda through? >> it's an interesting decisi i discussion. you have those who criticize him for not being a strong leader. on the other hand, you have a republican party that seems
2:22 am
determined to disagree with anything the president has out there. to just not be cooperative. one could argue that that is probably unpatriotic. but it really is on the chief executive to figure out some way, some way to overcome that. if he has to play the ruthless game of politics, so be it. he seems to still have an idealistic view that people can come together. not when you have a striden opposition. >> imagine that, optimism in washington. how dare he? bob franken, thanks for being here. we appreciate it. >> thank you. pepsi is under fair for a highly-controversial mountain dew ad that one academic said was arguably the most racist commercial in history. the ad, created by tyler, depicts a battered white woman, facing a police lineup and a talking goat that intimidates the woman. let's take a look. >> all right, ma'am. we have them all lined up. nail this little sucker. come on. which one is he? point to him.
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>> it's me. you should have gave me some more. i'm nasty. >> i don't think i can do this. >> just point to him. >> you better not snitch on a player. >> pepsi has pulled that ad. and they issued the following statement. we apologize for this video and take full responsibility. we have removed it from all mountain dew channels. and tyler is removing it from his channel, as well. just ahead, a rock 'n' roll icon who refuses to listen to music on an ipod. [ female announcer ] girls don't talk about pads... but they do talk about always infinity.
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researchers in the amazon, just photographed a rare caterpillar that looks a lot like donald trump's hair. for real. for real. can we see them side-by-side? time, now, for entertainment. it's time to say good-bye to lindsay lohan. the 26-year-old actress is shipping off to rehab for 90 days. each resident of the clinic gets their own private home, right across from the bay. and to top it all off, lindsay tweeted this photo wednesday, with the caption, 90 days and 270 looks. all of her rehab looks. in a recent interview, rolling stone's guitarist, keith richards says he has no desire to own an ipad. he argues that cds and records have a better sound than digital.
2:28 am
according to a new study, half of americans think trailers show way too much of the film. "iron man" has been cited. and "castaway." and in court, it was revealed that michael jackson's doctor, dr. conrad murray, was in deep financial troubles. and because of this, he gave the singer any prescription drugs he wanted in return for large sums of cash. psy was at the dodgers game tuesday, singing his new hit song, "gentleman" next to the dugout. tommy lasorda was next to psy. but he did not seem that impressed with the performance at all. finally, some sources from beyonce's mrs. carter world tour have revealed her diva-like demands. they include ice balls. and titanium straws to drink
2:29 am
water. a diva must protect her instrument. this is "first look" on msnbc. way too early" starts right now. good morning. i'm bill karins. and this is "way too early," coming to you from a nice and toasty east coast. sorry, midwest. thanks for joining us on may 2nd. we have a lot to cover. new arrests in the boston bombing case. authorities round up three friends of dzhokhar tsaranev. a live report from bost within the latest. and a breakthrough in the consulate bombing in benghazi, as the fbi releases photos of three men they think are linked to the attack. and fires burn east of los
2:30 am
angeles, as firefighters work to contain the blaze. why the weather is working against them. our top story here. 5:30 a.m. eastern time in new york city. we begin in boston, where the investigation into the marathon bombings continues to spread. now, sweeping up three other young men with their alleged connections to the attack. two conspiring. while the third was accused of making false statements. all friends of dzhokhar tsaranev. pete williams, with the details. >> reporter: the fbi says three days after the devastating bombing at the boston marathon, three college friends of the surviving bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsaranev, fearing he might have been one of the bombers, went to his college dormroom and found a black backpack containing empty fireworks tubes. they decided to throw it away. after searching the

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